Hands in a Heart

"You were so patient, kind, professional and willing to help. You gave me advice and suggestions that I hadn't heard a million times. I remember feeling hope. Our child's anxieties lessened and her sleep improved. Through your work with her...an amazing transformation occurred."

- Parent of a 6 year-old client

“I have worked with Krystiane Cooper for the past 3 years while she served as our on-site therapist at Cook-Wissahickon School, a K-8 public school in Philadelphia. She was not only extremely professional and discreet, but also sensitive to the needs of our most at-risk students, which allowed her to serve as an integral part of our team. She participated in team meetings with parents and students, worked with targeted peer groups, and helped teachers and staff when they needed methods that would be helpful in supporting students. I would highly recommend Ms. Cooper as a therapist not only for students in grades K-8, but also for general therapy sessions, particularly for victims of trauma at any level. I was especially excited by her work at our professional development, and truly felt that it was a start towards helping our staff understand and apply methods to help kids who have experienced trauma.”

- Ms. Karen L. Thomas
(former Principal, Cook-Wissahickon
Elementary School, Philadelphia, PA)



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